What are some fireworks safety tips?

The display of fireworks can be one of the best things to watch during the holiday season. But unfortunately, we forget to follow specific safety rules and that even puts our lives at stake. Thus, before you have any celebrations which involve fireworks you need to make sure that you adhere to specific safety rules. If you are not careful, you can get severely injured. The following are some of the firework safety tips to follow:

Leave it to the professionals:

One of the best ways to avoid any injuries or burns is not to have any fireworks at home. You can always visit the local carnivals and other public events which has firework displays. The public firework events will be handled by professionals who will know all the safety procedure, and thus you and your family can enjoy the firework without being injured.

Have adult supervision:

If you are planning to burst firecrackers at home, you need to make sure that an adult is there to supervise all the kids in the family. Kids get very excited during such situations and as they are not aware of the seriousness of the impact fire can cause them, it is advisable to have an adult who is supervising all the kids. Never leave the kids alone with fireworks as it may lead to severe damages.

Keep a safe distance:

After you lit the firework make sure that you are maintaining a safe distance from the fireworks. Being very close to the firecrackers will cause fire accidents.


Be extremely careful while handling fireworks:

If you happen to be around children while bursting firecrackers, you need to make sure that they handle the crackers with care. Never at any cause throw a firecracker at anyone as you have no idea how severe the injuries can get.

Do not let little children hold sparklers:

Sparklers are very attractive, and all kids love to hold one in their hands. But if you happen to have a small child in your family, it is better that you don’t allow them to hold the sparkler as their hands are too little for sparklers and they can quickly burn their hands.

Wear the right attire:

When you are planning to burst firecrackers in your home make sure that you and your family are wearing the right clothes for the occasion. Do not wear loose clothing while bursting crackers or wear dresses which will catch fire very quickly. Tie up your hair and do not leave them loose as it might catch fire.

Be prepared:

As you are dealing with fire, you need to make sure that there is a bucket of water or a fire extinguisher near you so that you can quickly put off the fire in case of an emergency.