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Most Popular Fireworks Festivals


Fireworks are a wonder to watch. The brilliant lights in the night sky bring excitement and joy to your eyes. Many countries have public firework events to celebrate various occasions, and most of them make your eyes pop. Several dazzling firework displays take place all over the world, and we have compiled some of the best firework festivals in the world.

National day – Singapore:

On the 9th of August every year, Singapore celebrates its independence from Malaysia, and on this national holiday, the nation celebrates its freedom with impressive fireworks. Both local and foreign teams combine and put up a firework show, and it is one of the most elaborate fireworks anyone could have ever seen. The fireworks are awe-inspiring and they the show is put up for several days making it the longest-running annual firework displays in the whole world.

Australian day – Australia:

Whenever we think about Australia, kangaroos are the first things which come to our minds. Little do we know that Australian day which is celebrated on the 26th of January has a brilliant firework display that is mesmerising and beautiful to watch. As the firework is being displayed in the night skies, you also have a boat parade which adds on to the thrill and excitement of this beautiful event.

New Years Eve-Dubai, UAE:

New Years Eve-Dubai, UAE:

Dubai is filled with travellers and tourists. The city is beautiful and has some of the most sophisticated buildings in the world. The town is also known for some of its impressive firework display on New Year’s Eve. Sometimes you got to love what you do no matter how hard it is and if you love watching fireworks you must visit Dubai on New Year’s Eve.


Between October to November, the festival of lights is celebrated in India. The entire country bursts crackers and has a great time with family and friends. All you have to do is go to your rooftop and sit there to watch every single house happily bursting crackers and having a beautiful display of fireworks.

Montreal International Firework Competition:

The Montreal International Firework Competition is one of the longest firework competitions in the whole world, and it takes place for about a month. Companies from all over the globe bring some of their best crackers to compete in the competition. An award is given to the best firework show at the end of the festival.

Pohang International Fireworks Festival- South Korea:

The Pohang International Fireworks Festival takes place for about nine days, and you can see some of the most brilliant fireworks display in the world. Apart from the mesmerising fireworks you can take part in water sports, badminton competitions, sandcastle competitions, singing and dancing competitions and various other South Korean traditional competitions.

Reveillon Fireworks Display- Brazil:

If you want to have a fun fill energetic New Year you have to go to Brazil. Rio de Janeiro is undoubtedly one of the best for firework displays. The massive crowds along with the breathtaking fireworks mesmerises you.

What are some fireworks safety tips?


The display of fireworks can be one of the best things to watch during the holiday season. But unfortunately, we forget to follow specific safety rules and that even puts our lives at stake. Thus, before you have any celebrations which involve fireworks you need to make sure that you adhere to specific safety rules. If you are not careful, you can get severely injured. The following are some of the firework safety tips to follow:

Leave it to the professionals:

One of the best ways to avoid any injuries or burns is not to have any fireworks at home. You can always visit the local carnivals and other public events which has firework displays. The public firework events will be handled by professionals who will know all the safety procedure, and thus you and your family can enjoy the firework without being injured.

Have adult supervision:

If you are planning to burst firecrackers at home, you need to make sure that an adult is there to supervise all the kids in the family. Kids get very excited during such situations and as they are not aware of the seriousness of the impact fire can cause them, it is advisable to have an adult who is supervising all the kids. Never leave the kids alone with fireworks as it may lead to severe damages.

Keep a safe distance:

After you lit the firework make sure that you are maintaining a safe distance from the fireworks. Being very close to the firecrackers will cause fire accidents.


Be extremely careful while handling fireworks:

If you happen to be around children while bursting firecrackers, you need to make sure that they handle the crackers with care. Never at any cause throw a firecracker at anyone as you have no idea how severe the injuries can get.

Do not let little children hold sparklers:

Sparklers are very attractive, and all kids love to hold one in their hands. But if you happen to have a small child in your family, it is better that you don’t allow them to hold the sparkler as their hands are too little for sparklers and they can quickly burn their hands.

Wear the right attire:

When you are planning to burst firecrackers in your home make sure that you and your family are wearing the right clothes for the occasion. Do not wear loose clothing while bursting crackers or wear dresses which will catch fire very quickly. Tie up your hair and do not leave them loose as it might catch fire.

Be prepared:

As you are dealing with fire, you need to make sure that there is a bucket of water or a fire extinguisher near you so that you can quickly put off the fire in case of an emergency.

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