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Fireworks are fun, but they can be dangerous if they are not handled with care. Here are some tips to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable fireworks display.


Fireworks must NEVER be held when lighting them or after they are lit. The only fireworks that may be held are sparklers. Roman Candles must not be held. Never throw fireworks, or put them in your pocket. Please abide by this important rule, for safety's sake.

Remember that most young children are fascinated by fireworks and make a good audience, but they should not participate in the actual firing of the items. An adult must be responsible for the fireworks at all times.

Keep pets indoors. They are far more sensitive to the noise than humans.


Choose a wide clearing free of obstructions such as trees, buildings or electrical wires. We recommend a firing area of 30 metres x 30 metres minimum.

Keep your audience at least 30 metres away and upwind of the firing site.

Keep a bucket of water or a hose near your firing site.


Before firing your display, read the printed instructions on each item and abide by them.

Remove one item from the box and close the lid. Fire only one item at a time.

All items without a base should be partially buried. (Long items such as roman candles should be buried half way.) Buckets or wheelbarrows filled with sand or earth make an excellent base for firing. If a container is not available, dig a hole in the ground and securely place the item at a slight angle away from the audience.

Items with a base and multi shot cakes should be placed on a flat surface, such as pavement or a sturdy board, never on grass, as it may tip over once lit.

Use a fireworks igniter for lighting the items. Using a flashlight, light the fuse at its tip to ensure that you have the full time delay to back away. Once ignited, retreat 30 meters immediately. Never return to an item once the fuse has been lit and never attempt to relight an item that does not go off. After 20 minutes, put this “dud” in a bucket of water.

High winds can affect the quality of your display and create a hazard. It is strongly recommended that you delay your display if winds are too high.


Upon completion of your display, check your firing site for fallouts (burning embers) and hose them down. As an added precaution, place all used fireworks in a bucket of water.

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